Thursday, September 17, 2009

Various Instances

This week has been hectic because my schedule changed again. But now I have got it figured out, which is good because the last day to change is tomorrow. I have switched my Early Christian Ireland elective to Waste Management. As weird as it sounds, I am really interested in this course. Waste isn't just poo. As our professor described it, "it's everything that gets thrown down that someone else doesn't want to pick up." So that includes litter and all sorts of things. We are in small groups of four or five people. I am the only girl in a group with three post-grad guys. They're all Irish so I'm excited to get to know them! Most people in this course study Green Technologies. I've never heard of that before, but think it's a really good thing to do!

On Tuesday night we had an International Buddy Social. It's a program where six or so international students have two Irish buddies to hang out with and ask questions. I wasn't too pleased with my group because only one of our buddies showed up. A few of my group members couldn't speak english either. There isn't anything wrong with that I guess, but basically no one wanted to hang out which is the point of the whole program! My roommate, Erika's group seems pretty cool though so maybe I can tag along with them when they do things.

There's an International Student Reception tonight that we're going to before the comedy routine we're seeing. The comedian is part of the Fringe Festival that's going on in Dublin. The Fringe is all sorts of arts activities that you can see September 5-20. The Veggie Circus we saw last week was part of the Fringe. We watched a clip of the guy online and he seems pretty funny. It was about a nun and a donkey in the bathtub and the nun dropped the soap...we can't remember the comedian's name so we all just refer to him as "The Donkey Man." Hopefully he's really funny! I hate it when you see a preview for a funny movie and then all of the funny parts were in the preview, so you've already seen the good stuff. I'm sure it'll be good though!

I can't believe I've been here three weeks already! Wow, the time has flown by. I was just so excited about my new UCD sweatshirt that I decided to post a picture of it on here.

This next picture is the inside cover of the book I checked out of the library. For my Gender, Culture & Society class we read an Irish book every week and then discuss it. This week we are reading Elizabeth Bowen's "The Last September" (I highly recommend it!) There are all sorts of crazy things written in the back cover of this book so I posted the picture. My favorite is the Darth Vader sketch and written beside it, "Never underestimate the power of the dark side." :) Another weird quote is, "Brian Adams is a sad, old git. People like him should not be allowed to make 'music.' Their 'music' is boring, sorry, and pathetic. For may as well listen to the theme tune of Dallas or Home and Away or something." Poor Brian Adams!

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