Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Cirque de Legume

This evening my roommates are celebrating the Fringe Festival here in Dublin by attending The Cirque de Legume. We heard about it at the market last Saturday. A man asked us if we liked to laugh and then invited us to this is something I just cannot resist because as soon as he described it I immediately thought of the Muppets when the veggies sing in Muppet Treasure Island! So I am so completely stoked to go!!!...and I hope it's not a let down because my hopes are so high:) So here is the description in the Fringe booklet:

"Quite simply the Greatest Vegetable Circus on Earth! In this piece of comic absurd theatre we meet Mister & Missus, two genius performers who find a hidden beauty in cast-off vegetables from which they make a wonderful show full of excitement, danger, and sensuality! Marvel at the Veget-animal! Gape atthe Magical Carrot! Enthrall at the Leek of Power! Fantasise over the Onion Strip Tease! The Cirque de Legume shows us how beautiful life can be if we only stop to play with it. You'll never look at an onion the same way again."

...I'll let you know how this turns out.

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