Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day of Classes

Well, today was the first day of classes and the weather was glorious:) The sun shined for the first time in a long time...I was beginning to think they had photo shopped the sun into the international students' brochures. Since labs and tutorials (like our recitations) don't begin until next week I only had one lecture today at 1:00pm. It was for Early Christian Ireland. My lady professor was very nice and I'm looking forward to the class.

After this, I began my expedition to locate my other lecture halls and labs. It's good because my six lectures are confined to three buildings. I was lucky to find all of the classrooms, before tackling the labs. I have never seen the Conway Institute (for biochemistry lab) or Ardmore House (for food microbiology lab) on my map. I asked for help in the Food Science main office and the woman was very friendly. With directions in hand, I set off in the direction of the Conway Institute. I found my lab room in the back corner of a giant building and started back towards campus. I took what I thought was a scenic detour on a nature path which let me into a construction zone. After getting through there I found my last lab in a building which I thought was a house behind the AIB bank.

This evening I thought I'd be a good idea to take a class at the gym with my roommates. We were the only five girls there, and people for that matter. This guy was an ex-drill sargent named Seamus and he worked us like I had never exercised before! He kept yelling things at us like "smile and breathe as I walk by ladies," and "blitz, Blitz, BLITZ!!!" I kept wishing there was a clock in the room because the time seemed to pass so slowly. We did the plank position four times and push-ups and squats and lunges.....whew now I am beat. We made stir fry for supper with veggies and such to be somewhat healthy while rewarding us for the awful pain we had just endured. Now I'm getting ready for my three lectures tomorrow in the Chemistry of Macronutrients, Applied Biostatistics, and The Biochemistry of Nitrogen.....I don't think I'm going to like Tuesdays very much here:)

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