Friday, September 4, 2009

First Attempts at Cooking...

Yesterday was a busy day...I went to St. Stephen's Green with my roommates to get cell phones and stuff for our flat. It was a beautiful, sunny day until a giant downpour broke out. It did that off and on for the rest of the afternoon. We finally got home at about 6:30pm, but still needed groceries (because I have been eating Frosties and cheese sandwiches for the last three days). We took the bus to a nearby Tesco and got this week's food for our flat. After getting home at about 8:30pm we began cooking a delicious soup. Since our range has no markings on the dials, we then proceeded to try and get the soup to a boil (on low, I might add) for the next two hours. Finally our roommate's friend Alex told us we had the burner on the lowest setting.....:( When we had gotten the settings sorted out we marked the hightest setting with a big "H" to prevent future food catastrophes. Our soup was so tasty though, and we enjoyed it as a late night snack at 10:45pm.

There is nothing on the orientation schedule today or this weekend so who knows what will happen next!

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