Saturday, September 12, 2009


So the Cirque de Legume was pretty good. It was funny when the girl was hypnotized by a turnip. A man and a woman performed typical circus acts with veggies like a Spanish horse and the Seal of Poland (whatever that is). All in all I'm glad we went because it was definitely memorable.

Last night my roommates and I went out to a club with some American med students we had met in the laundry room earlier that day. I guess the laundry room isn't a good place to meet people because it wasn't very fun. The place where we went was meant for a crowd older than us so dancing was kind of weird with 30-year-olds strutting their stuff, trying to win the affections of my gorgeous friends:)

Today has been the forth day of sunshine in a row!!! It's been so great because each day we make a point to go out and lay on the grass to soak up the sun. After a bit of shopping in the downtown today we sat at St. Stephens Green park and ate a muffin by one of the fountains. A guy with a little, scruffy dog kept throwing a rubber ducky into the fountain and the dog would leap in after it, splashing the slimy water everywhere. This game came to an end when the dog got out on the opposite side of the fountain from his master and shook water all over a blond woman enjoying an ice cream. It was pretty funny to watch though:)

Tonight my roommates and I will enjoy a movie together. Then tomorrow we are going to a Writers' Festival just outside of Dublin. We have tickets to attend a reading of three Irish women authors. I'm glad it's forecasted to be sunny for the next two days!

Below is a picture of the ADORABLE owl earrings I bought at Topshop today:

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