Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today is my third day at University College Dublin (UCD) and it's been raining all day. I know it's supposed to be rainy here but come on! I read in the paper this morning that this has been the soggiest summer in history for Ireland.

I've been adjusting nicely to the time difference here. I go to bed at about 10pm and wake up at about 9am. I sleep with ear plugs in because there is zero insulation in our walls. I'm on the third floor of the building and I can hear every word of the conversations going on down below. The first night my ear plugs fell out in the middle of the night so I could hear my alarm go off. However, last night they stayed in so I didn't hear my alarm. I did wake up, by the grace of God, five minutes past my alarm to find that I couldn't hear it with my plugs in...guess I need to get used to sleeping with much noise going on.

I have finally been registered for all six of my classes. I am taking the following: food microbiology, the chemistry of macronutrients, applied biostatistics, the biochemistry of nitrogen, early christian Ireland: society & history, and gender, culture & society in Ireland. It's going to be a full course load but that's how many I have to take by Purdue's rules. I hope the last two about Ireland are fun and I learn about their history.

Right now I'm watching some guys playing American footbal in the rain. One has a Brett Farve (spelling?) jersey on. I've noticed in comparison to the Irish footballers who run around and do soccer drills that the Americans are much more concened with their cool looking plays. They stop every 30 seconds to confer, about what I do not know. While the Irish guys spend every second of their practice running and doing drills. Yes, I love my window:)

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